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Adrienne Electronics Corporation ("AEC") manufactures time code (LTC/VITC) reader/generator products for use with personal computers in PCIe (PCI Express), PCI, USB, and RS-232/422 serial bus formats.  All of the LTC/VITC reader/generator products are capable of working with both the SMPTE / NTSC 30fps(drop and non-drop frame) and the EBU / PAL 25fps time code standards. Some also work with film (24fps) rate time code. Also, some of the multifunction models can translate time code from LTC to VITC and/or VITC to LTC. Our product line consists of the PCIe-TC (PCIe-LTC, PCIe-VLTC), PCI-TC (PCI-LTC, PCI-VITC, PCI-VLTC, PCI-21, ...), USB-TC (USB-LTC, USB-21VL, USB-IRIG) and AEC-uBOX (-2) model families. Some of the most common uses for the our time code cards/devices are for off-line / on-line closed caption encoding systems, setting the computer clock to match the "master" time code signal, general computer software automation synchronization, and for automatic event triggering based on time code in character generator equipment. All of our products are supported with free technical support and a two year warranty. Please look around the site for additional information and model details for our product lines.


Celebrating 30 Years of Service to the Television Equipment Industry



To celebrate our 30 years of service, we are moving our home and business to New Mexico (USA) (between Texas and Arizona) during the week of December 19-23, 2016. During this "move week", we may at times be impossible to reach while we move our telephone system, fax machine, personnel, and computers to the new location. Also, our ability to ship items this week will be severely limited. We expect to be back in full operation by Monday December 26th at the latest. Please see our new Contact Information below.

New Products

AEC-PCIe-41 - "LTC Reader". This is a hardware and software drop-in replacement for our PCIe-LTC/RDR boards, which are no longer available. In stock, ready for immediate shipment.

PCIe-LTC/RDV - "LTC Reader with Analog Video Sync Input". This is a lower cost alternative to our PCIe-VLTC/RDA board, where there is no need to read analog VITC or L21 data. Is used to generate a hardware interrupt on every analog video field or frame. In stock, ready for immediate shipment. Click here for further information.

AEC-IUSB-38 - "LTC Reader with 8x TTL GPIO". This is an "Internal USB" analog LTC reader board with eight(8) independent GPIO channels. A great combination of features in a tiny space. In stock, ready for immediate shipment.

AEC-IUSB-41 - "LTC Reader". This is a lower cost "Internal USB" alternative to our PCI-LTC/RDR and PCIe-LTC/RDR boards. In stock, ready for immediate shipment.

AEC-IUSB-42 - "Dual LTC Reader". The equivalent of two AEC-IUSB-41 boards in one. In stock, ready for immediate shipment.


Our Mission

It is our goal to provide quality products that fill the special and niche needs of our customers.
For 30 years, Adrienne Electronics has been a leader in the design and manufacture of


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